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The main sources of income for the town of Essex are the shellfish industry and tourism. The fried clam was reportedly “invented” in Essex by Chubby Woodman, of Woodmans of Essex, early in the 20th century. Due to the exceptional quality of the clam that lives in the tidal river in Essex, local restaurants thrive by preparing it along with other types of seafood. Tourists are mainly drawn to Essex for its restaurants, but in recent years leisure activities such as excursions down the Essex River in boats or self-guided kayak trips have become increasingly popular. In the past few decades, there has also emerged a flourishing antiques trade in Essex. Essex is also known as the antique capital of the North Shore, with over 30 antique shops in the downtown area.

The town of Essex was once home to a prosperous shipbuilding trade. This industry accounted for most of the revenue of the town from the days of its settlement as Chebacco Parish until the early part of the 20th century. Once a leading supplier of schooners for Gloucester and other Atlantic fishing communities, Essex did not adapt to the transition from sail-powered wooden ships to engine-powered metal vessels and this activity disappeared around World War II. There have been recent attempts to return to shipbuilding on a small scale as a tourist attraction and they have met with some success. The Essex Shipbuilding Museum is a great place to visit, as it demonstrates how a small group of people banded together to become a premier shipbuilding community. Essex once was the leading supplier of Schooners, a type of sailing vessel with fore-and-aft sails on two or more masts.

Since 1994, the Essex Music Festival, offering bluegrass, blues, folk, maritime, and Celtic music, has been held at Centennial Grove at Chebacco Lake in Essex. The festival was called off in 2009 due to Tropical Storm Danny but it resumed the following year. Much of the film Grown Ups, filmed in the summer of 2009, used Centennial Grove at Chebacco Lake for filming.

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Essex Airport Transportation, Essex Limo, Essex Car Service



Essex Airport Transportation and Essex Car Service




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