Eurostoves: The Culinary Centre

Eurostoves is a great place to book your next corporate event, birthday party, or bachelorette party. Their state-of-the-art 2,000 sq. foot culinary classroom is conveniently located in Beverly, MA and it’s an ideal setting for team building, leadership training, and good old-fashioned entertainment.

Groups can choose from options ranging from an “Iron Chef” inspired competition to setting up a series of Interactive Stations where professional Chefs demonstrate the techniques of rolling sushi, or making fresh pasta. Events typically last three hours, include appetizers served throughout the event, and culminates in the enjoying the delicious fruits of your labour. It all adds up to a fun way to increase employee morale, encourage teamwork and communication, boost creative thinking, learn something new, and enjoy a delicious meal.

Costs range from $105-$135 per person, plus an additional charge for beer and wine if desired.

For more information please visit their website here.

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