Toast the New Year With Our Designated Driver Service

Ok, call this self-promotion.  Some may think it a shameless attempt to increase business by exploiting a situation that is highly charged with emotion.  But I believe our “Designated Driver” efforts contribute to save lives on the roads of Massachusetts and New England.  Especially around the holidays.  Let’s look at some statistics.  Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) states there is one death every 53 minutes and an injury every 90 seconds that is DUI-related in the United States.  Now I think that is serious.designated driver

Again according to MADD, Massachusetts does not fare well as compared to other states.  It is ranks 40th out of 51 (50 states plus Washington, DC) for drunk driving deaths, 1 being the least dangerous.  36% of all traffic related deaths are caused by a drunk driver.
Now the hidden danger.  The most recent information available shows that, in Massachusetts, 22,253 people have been caught drunk driving more than three times and 4,840 have been caught more than 5 times.
These are sobering statistics.  Now let’s think about the way a DUI can wreck a person’s life.  If you are stopped and refuse to take the chemical test to determine your blood alcohol limit, you automatically lose your license for 180 days.  If convicted, your first offense can put you in jail for up to 30 months, assess fines and costs of up to $5000, cause you to lose your license for a year, and force you to attend a Court assigned treatment program.  Forget about the attorneys fees, $5, 000 to $10,000.  Do I have to mention the embarrassment for you and your family?  Or the impact on your job? I think you get the idea. offers an affordable alternative to this.  Why not book a car & driver to transport you to and from your holiday events.  Enjoy your favorite adult beverage or a nice bottle of wine.  Toast the new year! You are covered! We have your back.  Then enjoy your ride home in the safety and comfort of a sleigh, I mean car!

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